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Are you new to tennis and need more help getting into the game? Or maybe you just need some additional input on how to navigate our site? We are here to help YOU get in the game and answer your questions about this great sport.

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Community Tennis Association's (CTAs) are volunteer-based organizations that support and/or provide programs which promote and develop the growth of tennis. As an association, the group works to coordinate and maintain tennis programs and services; guaranteeing that they are open and accessible to all. A CTA is an invaluable resource for you as a current tennis player, or potential player, on how to get involved in tennis in your local community.

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Contact Your Local USTA Section Office

There are 17 USTA Section offices located throughout the United States. These section offices as a whole comprise the United States Tennis Association (USTA), a not-for-profit organization committed ot promoting and developing the growth of tennis and increasing participation in the sport. USTA Section offices are a great resource to learn more about tennis in your area and can point you in direction of becoming a player who participates in USTA programming.

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