Tennis Dictionary

Ace: A serve missed completely by a receiver.

Advantage: The first point won by a player after deuce.

Cary: Hitting the ball twice.

Deuce: Both teams or players are tied at 40/40.

Drop Shot: A lightly hit ball that just carries the net.

Fault: A faulty service-either into the net or out of the appropriate section.

Foot Fault: A loss of a point due to a server's toe or foot touching in court or on baseline before ball hits racket. That is as much cheating as a bad call.

Game: The fourth point won by player, unless there is a deuce whereupon the player must score two consecutive points.

Ground Stroke: Hitting the ball after it bounces.

Let: A serve that is replayed due to hitting net and falling into proper court, or for any other reason at referee's decision.

Lob: A high return usually over opponent's head.

Love: A score of zero.

Passing Shot: A shot out of opponent's reach on any shot but serve.

Poaching: In doubles when player infringes on partner's territory.

Volley: Hitting the ball before it bounces except on serve.